Finding Furniture That Will Last

Finding Furniture That Will Last

Picking The Right Office Chairs

by Annie Hawkins

If you are looking for furniture for your office, you may need to put more thought into the chairs you buy than you may have originally expected. Here is what you should know about office chairs as well as features that you may want to compare between them. 

Seats with wheels

You will notice that most offices have seats with wheels. This can be great for productivity as well as for convenience. When someone is sitting in a chair that has wheels, they will be able to wheel quickly to and from different places in their office with ease. Without this ability, they would have to keep getting up and down to walk around the office. Also, constant standing and sitting throughout the day can give someone a backache and will be especially hard for someone who has knee problems. These aches and pains can also cut into someone's ability to be productive. So, you should purchase chairs with wheels whenever it can be a help. 

Seats without wheels

There are some times when you might want to have chairs that don't have wheels. One example of this would be when you are looking for chairs for a conference table. Having chairs with wheels can be problematic if the flooring is hard or if it has very low and hard carpeting. If it does, people's chairs can end up repeatedly knocking into one another.

Seats with good lumbar support

The design of the seating part on a chair is important. If you are purchasing chairs intended for people to sit in for more than a few minutes at a time, then you need to get chairs with good lumbar support. Otherwise, the chairs will quickly start to bother people's backs. This can make them increasingly uncomfortable and may lead to people suffering from prolonged backaches, even ones that linger long after they get up from the chairs. 

Seats with an adjustable height

It's always a good idea to buy chairs with adjustable heights. This way, everyone can put their chairs to the height that is perfect for them. Purchasing these types of chairs are also nice because they can be passed from one person to the next without there being issues with a chair not being the right height for them. It will also allow everyone to be able to adjust the chair as needed to fit right under different tables and desks.

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Finding Furniture That Will Last

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