Finding Furniture That Will Last

Finding Furniture That Will Last

Add Family Artwork To Your Home

by Annie Hawkins

You can always count on your family's support after a long day at work, and you may anticipate spending a relaxing evening watching a movie with your loved ones or sitting in your recreation room while playing a board game. Purchase some family wall art to decorate the room where you spend time with your family members, and use the artwork to emphasize the importance of close ties or some personal memories.

Your Surname Or Initials With Some Pictures

Your surname is reflective of your family unit, and your initials may be how you personalize written exchanges between you and someone who you care about. Shop for family wall art that includes wooden cutouts that contain your surname or family members' initials and plenty of space for custom photographs. A wall plaque that contains a glass covering will allow you to lay out some personal keepsakes around the carved surface.

Look through your picture collection, and choose some that depict you and your loved ones. Have the pictures professionally mounted inside of the case. Display the wall art over a mantelpiece or a furnishing that you and your loved ones enjoy sitting on.

A Custom Portrait

An artist creates custom portraits, which may be hand-painted or created with the use of film. If there is a place that you and your loved ones enjoy visiting, it can be used as the backdrop for the artwork. Review an artist's portfolio and request to see samples that include many art styles and materials.

Provide details about the type of setting that you would like to use as the backdrop. A private photoshoot may need to be conducted so that the artist can enlarge one of the pictures or use one as an example when they are painting a rendition of it. Purchase a beautiful frame for the custom artwork. A wooden or metal frame that contains quotes about the importance of family will complement the artwork that is encased inside of it.

Choose a frame that contains a protective, clear cover so that the artwork that is displayed will remain clean and dry. Use a picture-hanging kit to display the artwork inside of the family room. To make a tradition out of adding artwork to the room, purchase a new piece each year or after you and your loved ones spend time together on a vacation or at a venue that each of you enjoys.

Contact a supplier of family wall art for sale to learn more.


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Finding Furniture That Will Last

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