Finding Furniture That Will Last

Finding Furniture That Will Last

How To Properly Care For Amish Bedroom Furniture

by Annie Hawkins

Amish bedroom furniture is appreciated for its lasting durability and beautiful design. This furniture is handmade out of solid wood and will last for many years with proper care. The more you know about properly cleaning, placing, and protecting this high-quality furniture, the longer you will be able to enjoy its natural beauty and magnificent craftsmanship.

Dusting And Cleaning Amish Bedroom Furniture

All furniture should be wiped free of dust at least once a week. However, to protect the natural finish of Amish bedroom furniture, this should be done using only a clean dry cloth. There is no need to use harsh furniture polish to remove dust. If the dust is thicker than normal, you can wipe it down gently with water and then dry it thoroughly with a dry towel. 

At some point, spills will happen. If your nightstands, dressers, or chest of drawers have gotten sticky from spills, you can clean the wood with a gentle soap and water mixture making sure to dry it off completely afterward. 

Where to Place Amish Bedroom Furniture

Once you have purchased your Amish bedroom furniture, it is important to know where it should and should not be placed in your home. This bedroom furniture should never be placed in direct sunlight. The light and heat from the sun can draw out the natural color. Also, avoid placing it next to a heat source. This will break down the finish over time and darken the color.

It is also best to avoid placing your Amish bedroom furniture near doors or windows. It can draw dampness in these areas, and this can damage the finish and warp the shape of the furniture. Humidity in a home is very damaging and it is best to only purchase Amish bedroom furniture if you have no more than 45% humidity in your home. The same rules apply to storing your Amish bedroom furniture when not in use.

Protecting Amish Furniture

Amish bedroom furniture is usually finished with a special conversion varnish that does help keep some spills from absorbing into the wood. However, if you must sit cups or other containers that may leak on nightstands or dresser tops, it is best to use coasters or other protective barriers between the containers and the wood. This helps keep spills and heat from soaking in. It will also prevent rings from cups, glasses, and other containers from developing on the surface.

Amish bedroom furniture can greatly improve the look and feel of any bedroom. With proper care, this furniture can last for many years and become a beautiful heirloom to pass on to future generations. For more information, contact a furniture store near you about Amish bedroom furniture sets.


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Finding Furniture That Will Last

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