Finding Furniture That Will Last

Finding Furniture That Will Last

Custom Wall Beds Help Sell A Room's Photo Ads

by Annie Hawkins

Renting out a room is easier now than ever before. Booking services provide smartphone apps to help connect home landlords with short-term renters. Well-crafted descriptions help sell room bookings, but text can't compare to the impact images present. Photos of a spacious room and a generic bed don't always move people, though. Improving the decor, however, could drive people to book at your place. Adding custom wood wall beds might lend a tremendous assist when hoping to make an impression. 

Function Goes Before Form

A wall bed folds out from the wall. These beds were familiar sights in old black-and-white movies, but aren't outdated. In metropolitan locations or other areas where space is at a premium, wall beds serve a purpose. When you aren't sleeping, fold the bed up and take advantage of the now available space. Imagine how that might appeal to would-be renters.

One photo features the elegant custom bed folded out. Another photo shows the bed back in its wall spot. The area where the bed once rested now features a coffee table and a chair. The message here isn't subliminal. People love to get a deal. Upon discovering the room has more space than anticipated, some may think the rental offers a lot for the price.

Thinking About the Desired Impression

Custom wood wall beds can also add brilliant-looking aesthetics to the interior as well. A handcrafted bedframe might contribute elegance. Again, think of the photogenic effects associated with a stylish bedframe. A generic bed frame isn't necessarily a negative, but it may lack a visual "punch." Requesting a custom oak bed frame with a unique design stands out. Remember, people looking over online listings for rooms skim over scores of pictures. When something catches their eyes, they may stop to look a little closer. Yes, style helps sell a room. The sales process commonly starts with capturing attention. 

Get to the Bottom of Things

Unlike other beds, the bottom of a wall bed should not be ignored. When the bed returns to its space, its bottom side becomes part of the wall. Why not take advantage of potential decorative value? What if a handcrafted image of a lion's face connects to the bottom of the bed? That image becomes attractive wall art when the bed folds. Again, the look becomes part of the photo advertisements for the room.

Don't dismiss the in-person value, either. The photos' look pale to what the room presents in real life. Stunned and impressed renters may become inclined to leave excellent reviews.


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Finding Furniture That Will Last

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