Finding Furniture That Will Last

Finding Furniture That Will Last

5 Ways To Choose Your Next Dining Room Table

by Annie Hawkins

When it is time to choose a new dining table, there are many things to think about if you are to buy one that you never regret and that truly adds to your dining room, as well as other areas of the home. Here are 5 main things to go over before you make that dining room purchase.

  1. Match the table to the rest of your décor – While you may think of your dining room table as an extension of your kitchen, it is only this if the dining room and kitchen look like one unit that is separated from the rest of the living space. Otherwise, you want to match the dining room table to the décor in the room(s) that are most visible from the dining room and vise verse.
  2. Consider your family structure – If there is just you and your spouse and your children have grown and don't visit often, then you only need a conservative-sized dining table. However, if you have a family at home and you have family that comes to dinner, then you want a large table that has a removable leaf or two, so you can expand the table to the size you need.
  3. Think about possible safety issues – If you have small children running around, then you want a dining room table without sharp corners. If you have someone in the home in a wheelchair, you want a table tall enough for their wheelchair to fit under it, so they don't accidentally drop hot food on their lap when trying to make the long trip from the table to their mouth.
  4. Consider the durability – You want a dining room table that is high-quality, so you know it is going to last you a long time. You want a dining room table that is made of strong materials. You want a solid wood table, an iron table, or another type of strong material. However, what you don't want is a dining table that is made of particle board which is not very strong and warps under moist conditions; the particle board breaks off when warped.
  5. Consider the style – Of course, you also want a style that you like. Even when matching the décor as mentioned above, you still have a variety of styles. You can choose from many shapes, you can choose from many leg styles, etc. Make sure you are extremely happy with the whole look of the table, or you may regret the purchase.


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Finding Furniture That Will Last

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