Finding Furniture That Will Last

Finding Furniture That Will Last

3 Essential Things To Consider When Buying A New Mattress

by Annie Hawkins

Do you struggle to get a good night's sleep? Does your current mattress feel lumpy, is too hard or too soft, or has springs that poke you when you sleep in the wrong position? A lot of good mattresses can last ten years or more if cared for according to the manufacturer's instructions, but they will eventually wear out.

Due to how long they can last, most people only buy a handful of mattresses during their entire lives and have little idea as to what actually makes a mattress good or bad. Since no mattress is unequivocally the best, it's essential to know what attributes to consider before making your next mattress purchase. Some of the most important things to take into account include the following. 

1. Mattress firmness: Many people never change mattress firmness when they go shopping for a new one. They've always slept on firm mattresses, so they only look at firm mattresses when they go to the local mattress store. But people's bodies change as they age. Although you may have liked a firmer mattress when you were younger, perhaps now a softer one would be better for you. When you go check out new beds, keep an open mind and check out a variety of them before settling on the firmness you like.

2. Mattress size: If you've got a spouse or significant other that you share a bed with, you may automatically be inclined to purchase a queen or king-sized mattress in order to ensure that you have sufficient room for the both of you. This is probably what the salesperson at your local mattress store will suggest when you go in to browse.

But one option that is popular in some areas of Europe is to buy two twin or full-sized beds and put them together side-by-side in the same frame. Although not all mattress frames in the US will support this option, it is a relatively inexpensive way to let each person choose the firmness that works for him or her while still allowing the couple to share a bed.

3. Disposal: Although it has little bearing on which mattress you'll ultimately choose, this is something to take into consideration when deciding whether to purchase from one local mattress store or another. Even if you live in an apartment complex, most places won't simply let you stick your old mattress in their dumpsters.

Instead, you'll have to have someone take away your current mattress for proper disposal when your new mattress is delivered. Some mattress stores offer this as a free service, some make you pay for it, and others may not have it at all. Always ask about mattress disposal and never assume that it'll be included in the mattress cost.


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Finding Furniture That Will Last

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