Finding Furniture That Will Last

Finding Furniture That Will Last

Fit For A Queen: How To Transform Your Bedroom Into Your Personal Palace

by Annie Hawkins

There are several reasons why bedrooms get a bad rap when it comes to decorating. Bedrooms aren't typically seen by visitors to your home and the fact that you can block out the mess by shutting the door makes them easy to neglect. However, you deserve to have a relaxing place to rest and retreat from the world, and with a few easy changes you can have a room that's fit for a queen.

Make your bedroom a priority

You likely spend more time in your bedroom than any other room of your home, so why not make your bedroom a place you love? A room that is attractive and comfortable may make it easier to fall asleep at night or to take a nap during the day. If you have a partner, the state of your bedroom may either distract from or enhance your love life.

Eliminate piles of clothes on the floor or bed. Clear out any clutter or items you don't need. Less clutter means less stress. Clean your bedroom regularly to maintain a healthy environment and consider using an air cleaner machine in the bedroom if you suffer from allergies or asthma.

Treat yourself to a new mattress

If you can't remember when you last purchased a new mattress, it's probably time to replace yours. You can have the most beautifully decorated bedroom, but a poor mattress won't make it feel much like your palace. Many people aren't aware of how worn their mattress is until they try out a new one.

If shopping for a mattress causes you anxiety when you see all the different types and sizes, you can ease your stress by doing some homework before you shop for a new mattress. First, decide what size works best for you. Since a mattress will last for many years, you may want to purchase with the future in mind.

For instance, if you are single you may want to avoid a single or full mattress and opt for something bigger. If you gain a partner in the future, a queen mattress would be a good option, as it provides plenty of room for a couple. A queen mattress set is also great if you are single but have pets who like to share the bed with you.

Add some finishing touches

A new comforter and curtains can change the entire look of a room without doing much else. Add a few throw pillows for a pop of color. A few candles for ambiance and a small vase of flowers will add an elegant touch to the bedroom. Decorate the walls sparingly to achieve a look of serenity.

It really doesn't take much effort to turn your bedroom into your own palace. Do a little cleaning and clearing out. Treat yourself to a new mattress and add the right finishing touches. You will be glad you did, and will even be proud to leave the door open when guests stop by for a visit.


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Finding Furniture That Will Last

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