Finding Furniture That Will Last

Finding Furniture That Will Last

Mistakes To Avoid When Cleaning Your Kitchen's New Unfinished Hardwood Cabinets

by Annie Hawkins

If you have recently installed hardwood cabinets in your kitchen, you may wonder if there is anything you need to do -- or not do -- when it comes time to clean them. If so, make sure you avoid the following mistakes while cleaning your kitchen's new hardwood cabinets.

Cleaning With Regular Soap

While cleaning your kitchen, you may be used to wiping everything down with an all-purpose cleaner or even your dishcloth after washing the dishes. However, when it comes time to wipe the fronts of your unfinished wooden cabinets, using either one of these types of cleaners would be a mistake.

Regular cleaners and dish detergents leave behind a filmy residue on wood that will dull the surface. They also do so well as cleaning that they will strip all of the moisture out of the wood's fibers, leaving the surface open to cracking and breaking because the wood becomes extremely dry.

Instead of using either one of these cleaners, choose one that is specifically designed for hardwood that contains oil. The cleaning ingredients in this type of soap will gently clean the wood without stripping away the natural oils, while the oil in the cleaner will add more moisture to the fibers. This then leaves you with a clean and shiny surface that has healthy wood.

Using Too Much Water on the Wood

Even when you use a wood soap that contains oil, you still need to watch the amount of water you put on the surface. Using too much water on the wood while cleaning the surface puts too much of the wrong type of moisture on the wood.

If you use too much water, or you use a sponge or regular rag that makes it difficult to wring out excess water, the wood's fiber will soak up the water rather quickly. Even after the fibers dry out, you can end up with white water stains. And, while the wood stays wet, the water can damage the wood and make it more prone to damage and rot.

When cleaning your cabinets, make sure you squeeze out as much water as possible. This task is easiest if you use a microfiber cloth. This type of cloth not only releases water well, but it also picks up dirt deep within the fibers to not only clean the wood but also polish it at the same time

Avoiding the above mistakes when cleaning your unfinished wood cabinets can help keep them clean and shiny without damaging their surfaces. For more information about maintaining your hardwood cabinets, speak with a representative of the furniture company from which you purchased them.


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Finding Furniture That Will Last

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