Finding Furniture That Will Last

Finding Furniture That Will Last

3 Things To Consider When Choosing A Reception Desk For Your Office

by Annie Hawkins

A reception desk may seem not seem like the most important piece of furniture when designing the entrance to your office, but it actually says a lot. Here are three things to consider when choosing a reception desk for your office.

1- The Mission of Your Company

An important thing to keep in mind when choosing a reception desk is that this will be the first thing that your customers or clients see when they step foot into your office. What is the mission of your company? Are you practicing what you preach? For example, if you are a company that focuses on waste reduction, a big solid wood desk with tree-killing features may not jive well with your customers. Instead, a modern reception desk would probably be a better fit. Think about how the client is going to translate what they see as they walk in the front door. 

2- The Functionality of the Desk

You have done the hardest part of owning a business and have gotten a customer to walk through the door. What do they need to do once they are there? Will they be filling out paperwork with the receptionist? A nice, sturdy, stationary desk would probably make the most sense. Are they simply being greeted with a smile? If they are not going to come in contact with the receptionist or desk, it might not need to be the nicest thing in the world. Depending on what purpose the desk is serving, there are many different types of desks to meet your needs. 

3- The Needs of Your Receptionist

How well do you know your receptionist? Have you had this employee for 40 years? Asking them what they need in a desk could really help them with their work. If you know they are a hard worker and will not get distracted, they may even enjoy a modern receptionist desk that switches back and forth from a standing and sitting position. If you are starting a new company, it could be really helpful to consider the layout of your office and what sort of things your employee will need to be doing at this desk. As with most great office layouts, thinking through the potential problems of both the employees and the clients goes a long way. 

As previously stated, many may just see a desk as a piece of furniture. However, you as a savvy business owner, know better. 


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Finding Furniture That Will Last

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