Finding Furniture That Will Last

Finding Furniture That Will Last

Turning Back Time: Tips For Transforming Any Home Into A Charming Farmhouse

by Annie Hawkins

If you walk into any furniture store or department store, you can't help but notice the abundance of farmhouse furnishings and décor. The farmhouse movement is a trend that continues to grow in popularity due to its simplicity and natural beauty. It's a style that's easy to achieve by following a few simple tips.

Less is best

Less is more when it comes to creating a farmhouse look. Take inventory of the items you currently use for decorating and eliminate any wall hangings or decorative pieces that have little or no sentimental meaning. Select a few treasured pieces to display on your walls and tabletops. Cleaning out all clutter is the first step in getting your home ready for its farmhouse transformation.

Think white and light

White creates a clean and simplistic look and matches everything, which opens the door to endless decorating ideas. There's no stressing about what color of paint to buy. Any shade of white or off-white paint will work fine.  

White walls, ceilings, cupboards, dishes, and appliances are at the center of farmhouse decorating. It's common to see white walls, white curtains, and white bedspreads in a farmhouse bedroom. You can't have too much white in a farmhouse.

Furnish it farmhouse style

Your local furniture store will likely have a good selection of farmhouse style furnishings to choose from. Whether you love the darker look of cherry wood or prefer the lighter color of oak, any wood furniture will be a perfect farmhouse fit. When purchasing upholstered sofas and chairs, look for linen fabrics in off-white or beige colors.

Create your own end tables using old wooden trunks stacked by the sofa or bed. Consider having a coffee table built from old reclaimed barn wood to add an authentic touch to your living room. Old barn doors can be used in place of a traditional headboard on a bed.

Farmhouse finishes

Adding the finishing touches to your farmhouse home is fun and couldn't be simpler. Rustic vases, woven baskets, ceramic jugs, old clocks, and old books are common decorative items found in farmhouses. Worn quilts, crocheted or knitted afghans, and pillows made from feed sack material make cozy additions to a sofa, bed, or chair.

A simple vase of fresh picked flowers will add a natural pop of color to a kitchen table. Tin cooking utensils and old pots and pans make great kitchen decorations. Kitchen staples like flour, sugar, and pasta can double as decorative kitchen accent pieces when stored in glass jars and displayed on a counter or an open kitchen shelf.

Whether your home is a tiny apartment in a bustling city or big house in the country, creating the farmhouse look isn't difficult. Decorate sparingly and purposefully, keep things light and bright, and finish the look with the right farmhouse furnishings. Then sit back and enjoy the serenity that comes from a natural and authentic farmhouse themed home.  


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Finding Furniture That Will Last

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