Finding Furniture That Will Last

Finding Furniture That Will Last

How To Get Better Sleep As A Heavy Person

by Annie Hawkins

If you are someone whose weigh is a bit on the higher side, you may find that you have trouble sleeping at night. Resting on your arm or shoulder may cause it to go numb. You may struggle to find a comfortable position in which it's easy to breathe. Is it even possible to get good sleep as a heavier person? It is -- if you follow these tips.

1. Buy a firmer mattress.

When you weigh more than the average person, you need a firmer bed than the average person. A bed that is too soft won't offer enough support, so you will end up feeling like you've sunken into the bed. Your spine may curve due to the lack of support, which can lead to back pain. Visit a mattress store, and lay on some of their mattresses. Ask them to show you the firmest ones they have. Lay on each one for about 10 minutes to get an idea of how the mattress supports you, rather than just how it feels when you have just laid down.

2. Get tested for sleep apnea.

Being overweight increases your risk of sleep apnea, a condition in which you temporarily stop breathing while you are sleeping. When you stop breathing, it wake you up momentarily -- so your sleep does not end up being very restful or restorative. You can get tested for sleep apnea at a medical sleep center. If diagnosed, your doctor may recommend a CPAP machine or a dental device to keep you breathing during the night. As such, you will sleep better.

3. Buy a good pillow.

Sometimes, it's your pillow that is to blame for bad sleep! If the pillow does not keep your head even with the rest of your spine, it can lead to back pain. Look for a firmer pillow that does not collapse under your head. Aim to rest not only your head, but also your neck on the pillow. Buy a pillow with a good return policy so if you sleep on it a few nights and do not like it, you can return it.

4. Don't eat before bedtime.

Being overweight increases your risk of heartburn at night, which can definitely keep you up! Luckily, an easy way to reduce your chances of suffering heartburn at night is to avoid eating for a few hours before bedtime. Stay away from spicy foods, especially.


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