Finding Furniture That Will Last

Finding Furniture That Will Last

Furniture You Need For Your New Apartment

by Annie Hawkins

You've bought a new apartment, and now you need to furnish it. While the basics, such as a couch and bed, are easy to remember, there are other pieces you need to add to your living space to make your apartment complete. Use this guide to help you furnish your apartment with pieces you'll love that will stand the test of time.

Leather armchair

A leather armchair adds glamour and a classic appeal to your apartment. Creamy white leather is modern and contemporary, while classic black, coffee, or tan leather pieces are more rustic in their designs. You can add a leather chair to your living room or home study to give your apartment a grown-up, mature look.

Fainting couch

With its elegant lines and beautiful patterned material, a fainting couch is a conversation piece that goes well in an entryway, library, or even the dining room. This couch can be adorned with decorative throws and pillows for an inviting and comfortable place to sit. If you are looking for a piece for your apartment that stands out without taking away from the rest of your apartment's design, a fainting couch is what you need.

Coffee table

A coffee table is the focal point of a living space. A coffee table can be designed of solid wood with drawer inserts for both function and traditional allure or it can be made of a glass top for a contemporary appeal. Use a coffee table as an eating space if your apartment is smaller or to house family photos and magazines.

Dining room set

Whether you have a tiny dining nook or a full dining room, you need a matching dining room set to give your apartment the entertainment value you desire. Dining room tables are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your space's requirements. Buy chairs that match the dining room table to complete the look.

Hallway table

A hallway or end table is needed in your apartment to bring beauty to spaces that are otherwise ignored. Place a decorative mirror on or above your hallway table to make the smaller piece pop. You can place this table anywhere in your apartment where you want to add personality to the room.

A furniture retailer or dealer, such as Little Bear Interiors, can show you the pieces you need for your apartment and help you mix and match styles or choose a solid theme throughout your living space.


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Finding Furniture That Will Last

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