Finding Furniture That Will Last

Finding Furniture That Will Last

Furniture Upholstery Suggestions For Pet Owners

by Annie Hawkins

If you have a pet that regularly jumps onto couches and chairs, you may be concerned about selecting the right furniture for your living space. Although the color of your furniture should match the wall colors and overall design of a room, the actual upholstery material will also be important, especially if it will survive your pet's paws.

Here are a few suggested upholstery materials for pet owners as they select new sofas and chairs.


Leather makes a great upholstery material for pet owners. It is design-friendly for practically any space. Leather can appear warm and traditional or modern and edgy, based on the homeowner's selection

Additionally, leather doesn't attract pet hair. Any fallen hairs from your pet can simply be wiped or vacuumed away from the smooth surface.Also, any dirt left on the upholstery can be quickly removed with a bit of leather cleaner.

Still, some people may be concerned that their pet's nails will scratch the leather. Cats should not be permitted to use a leather couch or chair as a scratching post. However, a few scratches and a bit of wear on leather can offer a lovely distressed look that may add a bit of oomph to your interior design.


Denim is a also a pet-friendly upholstery fabric. The casual look of denim is great for an informal space, and the durability is a perfect match for little paws.

If a piece of denim furniture does become soiled, the stain can often be removed with plain soap and water. In addition, due to the tight construction of the fabric's threading, pet hair is unlikely to be caught in upholstery and can be simply wiped away.

Synthetic Microfiber

Microfiber is also a great upholstery option. The material offers unparalleled softness that you and your pet will love, and it is not easily scratched. Additionally, any inadvertent stains on synthetic microfiber can usually be cleaned with a mild cleanser and water. 

Also, pet hair removal from microfiber upholstery is a breeze. A lint brush should quickly pick up any hair that your furry family member leaves behind.

As you look for the right furniture pieces for your home, try to avoid upholstery fabrics that are fragile or overly textured. Fragile fabrics may tear easily, and overly textured selections may be irresistible to cats looking for a place to sharpen their nails.

As you choose your furnishings, be sure to consult with a furniture upholstery specialist in your local area.


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Finding Furniture That Will Last

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