Finding Furniture That Will Last

Finding Furniture That Will Last

Selecting A Furniture Set For A Formal Living Room

by Annie Hawkins

In times gone by, it was common to have a room for the family to relax in and a more formal room for the reception of guests and parties. If you are interested in setting up a formal living room within your home, you will need to purchase a furniture set that is a bit different than the typical family space. These rooms are upscale and elegant spaces, filled with furniture that is to be visually enjoyed. Here are some pieces that you should be looking for in a furniture set for a brand new formal living room. 

Feature marble and elegant wood

Most furniture is built of cloth, leather, or wood. When it comes to a formal living room that pays homage to its roots, you should select a wood or a marble room. It is easy to find chairs, tables, and fixtures that are in marble or wood, allowing you to properly match pieces that will go with your theme. For wood, feature a dark, formal wood such as a sturdy cherry, oak, or mahogany wood. Marble tables can be in light or dark shades in order to complement that shade of wood selected. 

Go for tuft comfort

When it comes to padding and cloth designs for your sofa, you should go with a tufted design. Tufted furniture that features buttons or stones can look traditional and will make the furniture more comfortable. With the formal living room, you can select patterns or solid shades of any type as long as they have an elegant appearance. The sofa and chairs should be of the exact same design for proper room continuity. Have the chairs and sofa specially made by an upholstery firm if you cannot find a design that you desire for your living room design. 

Select a stately table 

The table will operate as a spot to place materials, hold coffee and teacups, and feature knick knacks or awards that are important enough to show off. A heavy wood table is common in large, stately living rooms. If you go with wood, be sure to have the wood glazed for a smooth, shiny look. Consider placing a layer of soft glass on top of the table top to protect it from the stain of cup bottoms and from possible spills from wine. If you would prefer a marble table, be sure to wipe it down and dust it with a cloth to keep the marble from collecting a small film while the formal living area is dormant. 


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Finding Furniture That Will Last

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